Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Blog is Not the Dog

I was meeting with our fearless leader, Julie Chapman, the other day and she reminded me that "the blog is not the dog." (We talk a lot in metaphors around here.)

What she means is this. Technology, for example this blog, is just a vehicle (the tail of the dog). By itself, it's not important. It doesn't DO anything. On the other hand, raising more money, increasing membership and passing laws are real. They are examples of the dog.

This is easy to forget, especially when you work for a technology consulting company. We do tend to become enamored of the tools for their own sake.

The next time you're getting frustrated trying to perfect a new brochure, determining how to improve your website, deciding whether or not to launch a MySpace page or vetting a new software solution - take a step back. Ask yourself, what is the goal here? What are we trying to DO. And remember the TOOLS are just TOOLS. The important thing is to determine your goals. Once you do this, the tail(s) will come.