Sunday, August 19, 2007

Web 2.0

Saw an interesting post on TechSoup about the first NetSquared Event. A group of folks were asked to speculate on which of the new web-based tools (wikis, blogs, social networking sites, RSS, etc.) are most useful to nonprofits.

While I am personally obsessed with blogs right now, I strongly agree with Bryan Nunez, Technology Manager, Witness. FYI, Witness just won the 2007 American Express Building Leadership Award for its efforts to train grassroots organizations worldwide to use video and online technology to publicize human-rights violations.
"I think it's more of the concept that has the most effect. I think it's the idea that people have opportunity now to represent themselves, and that's an umbrella concept that covers most of the technologies that are going to be discussed during the conference."
Embracing "Web 2.0" or two-way dialogue is more about the culture of an organization than its' tools. My frollleauge Alison Fine author of Social Momentum: Igniting Change in the Connected Age, explains it well. In a Web 1.0 organization, decision making is hierarchical. A few (usually white, male) senior staffers go off on THE ANNUAL RETREAT and return with marching orders. Conversely, in a Web 2.0 environment an organization OPENS the door for staff, volunteers, donors, clients and other key stakeholders to be a part of the decision-making process. Which type of organization do you work for?


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