Friday, August 31, 2007

Women Rule Nonprofit IT!

NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network, announced yesterday that Holly Ross is taking over as the new ED. She is replacing Katrine Verclas, who has been appointed to the board.

This got me thinking that the three key national organizations - NTEN, TechSoup, and NPower - that focus on strengthening nonprofits' understanding and use of technology are all under new leadership and are all women run!

If you work for a nonprofit or care about helping charitable organizations to be more tech-savvy, then you MUST get involved with these three organizations.

NTEN is the vehicle for learning more about technology and discussing technology issues with like-minded people. They run excellent and affordable webinars, have well-trafficked list servs and run THE national nonprofit technology event each year. NTEN's new ED is Holly Ross.

TechSoup is the place for heavily discounted software from all of the major vendors, including Microsoft, Symantec and Cisco. They also have an incredible library of FREE articles on every technology topic. TechSoup's new co-director is Marnie Webb.

Finally, NPower Network - a 12-organization federation of local nonprofits (we are the affiliate in Greater DC) provides technology consulting and support to nonprofits. We do the actual work of helping you pick the right software solutions, upgrade your CMS, install a new network, etc. NPower Network's new ED is Barbara Chang.

Go team!

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