Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dora the Explorer | My Technology Heroine

I LOVE Dora the Explorer. In addition to the fact that she is brown, bilingual and super smart :) she's also an icon for the right use of technology. Here's why.

All of Dora's Adventures include:

1) a specific goal - whether she's scaling snowy mountain to save the baby lion, fording crocodile lake to get to her grandmother's house, or hiking through chocolate forest to find the key ingredient for her Mami's birthday cake, she always has a specific goal for every adventure.

2) she never goes anywhere without her friend "Map" aka her blueprint for getting the job done.

3) technology is key to her success - "Backpack," her partner in crime, carries all the tools she needs to get the job done whether flashlight, rope, tape or soap! Also, she doesn't use the same tools for every adventure. She brings the right tools for the job.

4) thanks to her sidekick, "Boots the Monkey," she never travels alone.

OK, maybe the metaphor isn't perfect but wouldn't it be great if this was how we all approached our projects at work, indeed life?

Define the goal, create a plan to get there, use the right technology for the job, hold hands and have fun!



Robin said...

This made me laugh! And it gave me a glimmer of hope for my two toddler girls!

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