Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I had lunch yesterday with Em Hall, Retail Marketing Manager for Goodwill of Greater Washington and the brain child behind their new Fashion Blog. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do. It's a GREAT example of using new media to:

1) Sell products;
2) Increase donations;
3) Re-brand an organization so that it appeals to the younger set; and
4) Have a lot of fun at work!

Em and her colleagues launched the blog this summer as part of their "social media" mix and are already seeing great results. For example, last month a vintage suit that she blogged about and listed on their E-bay store sold for 10x what it would have gone for in one of their stores! The blog is also bringing in new shoppers and donors from far and wide.
I have to admit that until lunching with Em and reading her blog, Goodwill was NOT on my radar for donations, let alone fashion! But Em is trying to change that.
"Many of our loyal donors have never stepped foot inside our stores. By showcasing great items on the blog, we're showing folks that fashion LIVES at Goodwill!"
In addition to subscribing to Em's blog, check out Goodwill's Virtual Runway Show and Online Auction coming up next week. In addition to helping a great cause, you may find a great new outfit.
Happy Shopping!


Katya said...

What a great blog and unique concept. The gold bag kills. Now all they need is a BIG donate button on the blog.

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