Sunday, September 16, 2007

Finding My Voice

The more I think about the "positioning" for this blog, aka what I want to write about. The more I realize that what I'm really passionate about is marketing. But not old school marketing like direct mail, new school marketing which uses the web as the medium.

So, in the spirit of ready, fire, aim - I'm now going to focus this blog on teaching myself and others how to be a great online marketer with an initial focus on blogging. It goes without saying that I'll still focus on marketing great causes as the end.

To get oriented I've been surfing the blogosphere for the definitive list of nonprofit blogs with a goal of sharing blogs that may inspire others and learning from the best. Of course, there is no definitive list, but here is one that I found helpful. The icing on the cake is that it's managed by Rosetta Thurman, a young African-American women who is sharing her thoughts on nonprofits, as a next generation leader. Her blog is aptly titled "Perspectives from the Pipeline." I can't wait to meet her!


Robin said...

I like your re-definition of marketing. The new direction sounds great. I'm with you!

Rosetta Thurman said...

Hi Jocelyn!
I'm glad you found the blog listing on the wiki useful. I'll be watching your blog as a non-techie and hope we cross paths soon!