Monday, September 24, 2007

No Technology, No Tomorrow

Last Friday at NPower Greater DC Region we FINALLY announced the finalists for our 2007 Technology Innovation Awards. Drum roll please...

They are:

  • Fairfax Symphony Orchestra for the use of podcasts to take the orchestra online
  • Global Giving for GiveCertificates - online gift certificates that can be redeemed for donations to charity
  • RAINN - Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network for the first web-based hotline which provides anonymous and secure counseling via chat
To see the complete list of applicants, visit our site -

One of my favorite parts about the application process was reading the answers to the last question, "What can nonprofits learn from your innovation?" I couldn't write better messaging if I tried.

If you work for an organization that still needs convincing regarding the benefits of technology to your operation and mission, these testimonials may help. Cheers!

"Think out-of-the-box and out-of-the-office. Technology has dramatically changed the way in which nonprofits can operate, but this requires creative thinking that is not limited to the physical boundaries of offices, walls or state lines. By thinking of our agency beyond those traditional boundaries, we were able to utilize current technology to create a productive, client-friendly environment that enables us to communicate and share information across locations. Technology also allows staff to be more responsive to client needs and more flexible regarding their own schedules and work locations." - Adoptions Together

"Technology is not our enemy. Too often, technology can seem more confusing
than helpful. Through the process of automating our data collection and evaluation, we have learned how useful technology can be. Evaluation now takes less time, is more efficient, and we can measure a broader range of indicators. Our funders are also pleased by the improved quality of our data. Other nonprofits should note that technology is useful both for program strength and for increasing funding. - DC Bilingual Public Charter School

"Investing in some simple technology upgrades can not only improve relationships with outside stakeholders, but can also improve business processes and internal stakeholder relationships. Non-profits need to remember that the web is not just for public audiences, but should also be deployed in ways that can benefit internal audiences. Organizations with small budgets need technology innovations as much as, if not more than, larger groups and can make small investments that will reap large returns." - First Night Alexandria

And finally, my favorite!

"No technology, no tomorrow." - National Geneological Society


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