Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why Build a Website When you Can Build a Blog?

I receive several calls a week from nonprofits who want to re-do or develop a new website.

While it's true that having an online presence is critical to any successful marketing effort, this doesn't mean that you need a traditional website. Why not consider a blog?

Here are my 5 reasons to consider launching a blog instead of a website. (I'd love to hear yours.)

1) Blogs are cheap. Typepad can run $5 per month. Blogger is FREE!

2) Blogs are super easy to maintain. Anyone in your organization can make updates, you don't need technical knowledge to maintain a blog. Believe me!

3) Search engines like blogs. Every time you publish a new post on your blog, you are creating a new web page, this will increase your ranking in the search engines. Not to mention all the linking you will do to and from other sites, this will increase your rankings too!

4) Blogs make it easy to organize your ideas; they are very efficient knowledge management tools. No more putting up and taking down web pages. Simply code your posts as you go.

5) Blogs make it easy for people to contact you in real time and they make your organization look accessible. Hopefully you really are accessible to the people you serve. :)

In short: Blogs can do virtually anything your website can do.

To learn more about the benefits of web logs vs. traditional websites, see this post on Techcafeteria. I also like Seth Godin's take.

Better yet, Just Dive In!

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