Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Embracing the BOO! in You!

OK, I know this is corny but I can't resist doing a post related to Halloween.

Actually, I'm NOT a big fan of the holiday. I'm too vain to want to purposely make myself look ugly and I HATE being scared.

This got me thinking...when do we lose our love of fear, being on the edge, and trying new things? More important, how do we get it back?

Technology terrifies many of us. Lots of people get faint of heart just thinking about upgrading systems, installing new software, in short - shifting the way they work. For most, it's not the technology itself that's the issue - it's the fear of change, the fear of looking stupid, the fear of making a mistake. Problem is, fear is a normal part of change and it doesn't go away, until AFTER you master a new task.

The next time you are approaching a new project - technology-related or not - remember my tips for embracing the BOO! in you!

1. bring a friend on your new adventure
2. wade in slowly
3. don't worry about doing it perfectly
4. ask for help if you get lost
5. have a back up plan
6. pack lots of candy for the trip :)

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