Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Charity Widgets May Increase Holiday Giving

Looking for a way to increase holiday giving? Consider adding widgets to your fundraising mix.

A widget is a piece of content that you can paste on your website, blog or social networking page. Widgets can contain pictures and text. See GlobalGiving's "Give Love" widget at right.

The great thing about widgets is that many sync up with donation platforms like PayPal. By clicking directly on the widget your friends, relatives, co-workers, donors, and volunteers can make an immediate contribution to your cause.

Many individuals are using widgets to raise money for the charities that they care about. Many nonprofits are using widgets as part of their viral marketing/fundraising efforts.

There are several services on the Web where you can create widgets for FREE including,, chip in, and Widgetbox. To learn more about how individuals and nonprofits are using charity widgets to raise money for their cause read this report.

Happy widgetizing!


Donna said...

Thanks for the shout out! We love our badges!
Donna @ GlobalGiving

Jocelyn said...

Find more create advice on how to use "Web 2.0" tools aka social media this holiday season here.

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