Thursday, January 17, 2008


Here’s a thought: I suspect your nonprofit – regardless of mission – is involved in one (or more) of:

1. Delivery of services
2. Delivery of information
3. Delivery of action

And delivery is the common idea here. You are, in essence, UPS, with the equivalent of a fleet of shiny brown trucks, and you know what the goal is – get the stuff delivered, on time.

Of course, your nonprofit doesn’t really have a fleet of shiny brown trucks. You do, however, have a lot of expensive and complicated equipment, and you have hired talented and motivated people to operate that equipment. All for the sole purpose of delivery, just like UPS.

Are you keeping all those "brown trucks" maintained? Do you replace them when they are old? Do you train your "drivers" how to avoid accidents? UPS spends billions every year on those trucks.

By the way, UPS, Happy 100th Birthday!

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Holly said...

Hey Ben -

We're the Nonprofit Technology Network, and even we need this reminder. I just got 3 new laptops for my staff. Not only are they all able to work more efficiently, they're a lot happier! Just because you're a nonprofit doesn't mean you don't deserve first rate tools!