Friday, February 22, 2008

Add to the Book | Reason to Blog #2

I recently learned about a concept in baseball called "adding to the book." Regardless of team affiliation, field position, or tenure in the game, great players share their wisdom, strategies and advice for making better plays, dealing with eccentric coaches, negotiating a new ball field, etc. with their competitors and team mates.

Here's how Stephen Schiffman, author of The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople, puts it.

"Have you ever noticed that, after a baseball player hits a single, he will often joke around a little bit with the first baseman on the opposing team? ...You usually can't hear what they're saying. Interestingly enough, it turns out that, both on the basepaths and in their other contacts, opposing players often discuss some aspect of the game they play for a living. Of course, they're not giving away important strategy points that would give any competitive advantage in the game at hand. But they are
often discussing points of interest that concern their own development as ballplayers."
Blogging is also about "adding to the book." And this is another key benefit of joining the blogosphere.

In addition, to advancing your own cause or passion, blogging is also about joining a COMMUNITY of people and working TOGETHER to build a collective base of knowledge around a subject. This is the rationale for the practice of "linking" in blogs and having a Blog Roll. It's also the rationale for making blogs a public forum for sharing comments and feeds.

By CONNECTING blogs to each other, EVERYONE'S thinking is enhanced and new networks, friendships, projects, and solutions are created.

Find the community of people who share your interest(s). Read their blogs, add comments when applicable, and link to your favorites. Send thanks, praise, and even constructive criticism. In this way we will all get a little better at what we do and we'll have the privilege and fun of doing it TOGETHER!


Thanks to Justin Perkins at Care2 for recommending Stephan Schiffman's books to me.

Thanks also to Katya and Qui (two of my FAVORITE people) and the many other bloggers out there who are improving nonprofits' ability to market, communicate and change the world!

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