Thursday, February 28, 2008

Internet for ALL

I had the privilege of speaking yesterday (twice!) to a group of nonprofit leaders at the 7th Annual Hampton Roads Institute for Nonprofit Leadership Conference on the topic of - you guessed it - ONLINE MARKETING!

Here is the presentation. Main points I made:

- Strategy must come before tactics or tools!

- The Internet is the most powerful distribution vehicle in the history of mankind! (Don't you LOVE hyperbole?)

- The Internet has empowered all of us to find our voices, join and lead conversations, and become part of the collective discourse.

Don't get left out!


rosspullar said...

Just a question really.

Do you think that the future for Non profits online are the vehicles such as blogging, search and facebook or the individual's website themselves?

Or in fact should we be looking at how we can integrate what we have on the website with these marketing tools?

I ask as someone who works in the UK, yet is keen to follow what happens in the US, as you seem to be leading the field in terms of technology and charitable giving online.

Jocelyn said...

Hi Ross,

Thanks so much for your comment/question. I apologize for my delay in responding.

I think the future for successful organizations online will have a lot to doing with going where people are already hanging out (Facebook, MySpace, blogs) and joining those conversation in a genuine way vs. trying to "drive traffic" to an organizational site. Most of this has to do with the fact that most nonprofits have Web 1.0 or very static sites, i.e. there's not much interacting that you can do with them. Thus, there's no reason to hang out there.

People - especially younger folks want to learn stuff but they also want to interact with content and with other folks they know. Right now the best places to do this are on the social networking platforms and on blogs where people already live online.

So, in my mind, becoming part of the conversation on these sites rather than trying to "drive traffic" somewhere else is a very sound online strategy.


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