Saturday, February 16, 2008

Random 8 for 2008

Qui Diaz, my DEAR friend, esteemed colleague, and author of EVANGE.LIST tagged me over a month ago (you can see how BEHIND I am in my blogging) with this meme. She urged me to share 8 random things about myself in an effort to be more "transparent, relevant, authentic, and valuable to YOU!

That sounds like a tall order for a couple of random facts. But hey, why not give it a try?

1. I'm pretty self-obsessed. Not something I'm proud of but it's true. My boss, friends, and family will all say that I talk too fast and a little too much and love to "hold court."

2. I LOVE Alexander Girard's designs.

3. I'm obsessed with living well in a small space.

4. I own very few clothes. (I know. This conflicts with RANDOM FACT #1.)

5. I'm REALLY scared of dying. I don't want to leave those I love behind. I'm also afraid of being non-local.

6. I fantasize about living someplace quiet and beautiful and rural, like Maine.

7. I LOVE metaphor in any shape or size. The idea of putting images and words and sound together in a NEW way to bring an idea to life is thrilling to me.

8. I'm impatient.

You're it!

1 comment:

Qui said...

#9 - You're superb at evolving with the times and your life

#10 - Talli is your 5.5 year old pride and joy and she throws great dance parties.

:) Thanks for joining in!