Thursday, April 24, 2008

If Not Now, When?

I get calls EVERY day from community leaders who are looking for assistance in developing new websites, choosing a new database, upgrading hardware and software, finding new fundraising solutions, etc.

After some back and forth on requirements and issues, I often here this refrain...

"Well, here's the real problem. I'm just not very tech-savvy."

Since I am a marketer I usually say,

"That's ok or you've come to the right place or we're tech-savvy so that you don't have to be."
And this is partially true.

But it's also true that while no one is suggesting you go back to school to get a degree in IT, it's NOT OK to be tech-backward anymore! IT is just too central to the success of our organizations and our LIVES for any of us to be tech-challenged any longer.

Once a technophobe myself, (Believe me, I still have trouble using our fax machine at home!) I now feel strongly that every executive must develop a basic understanding of how technology works and how it should and can be used to improve business operations.

Deb Finn has written this excellent paper which provides a summary of the 10 things every Executive Director MUST know about technology. In addition to reading her paper, I suggest you just dive in!

Pick two new technologies to master this year. Take a course on database development from Idealware, learn what you can do with new media tools like blogs and social networks from NTEN. Read up on online marketing at Fundraising 123.

Do it now. Because, as the saying goes, if not you, then who? And, if not now, then when?


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