Friday, May 2, 2008

Looking for Mr. Donor Right or for Nonprofits

Don't tell anyone, but before I got married, I spent some time on "Match" as it's known by insiders (Did I write that?) is a social networking site for dating.

If success on Match can be defined by meeting lots of people, my experience was a SUCCESS! Here's what I learned that you can apply to your own "outreach" efforts. You'll have to e-mail me for the juicier details!

1) Have a good profile - As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousands words." Choose wisely!

2) Know who you are - This is easier said than done. Spend some time with your "inner brand manager" BEFORE putting forth your best face.

3) Know who you're looking for - There are lots of "donors" out there. But you're not looking for any old member; you're looking for Mr./Mrs. Donor Right! So be articulate, be clear, and get to the point!

3) Speak up- Similar to other social networking sites like Facebook and Care2, E-mail, IM (instant messaging), and Chat are THE way of life. So regardless of where you decide to "fish," be prepared to join the conversation.

4) Meet up - Let's face it, it's hard to truly know what you've landed online. So plan to meet up offline as well. In other words, suggest various ways for connecting to your new suitors!

Here's to getting lucky!


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