Friday, May 16, 2008

Making a Media Log

If you want to know the best way to reach your customers/donors/volunteers/members/etc. ask them to make a media log.

For example, yesterday I spent approximately:
  • 10 hours on e-mail (I have 3 e-mail addresses)
  • 1 hour blogging (here)
  • 1 hour on my cell phone (when driving to and from work)
  • 0 hours on my home phone (I HATE having a home phone.)
  • 0 hours watching TV (No cable.)
  • 3 hours listening to the radio (89.3 for the Jazz or 88.5 for morning news)
  • 3 hours in meetings or face to face conversations (mostly at work)
  • 1 hour reading magazines (I just subscribed to DWELL and REAL SIMPLE.)

This means a few things.

1. If you want to reach me in real-time, your best bet is to catch me on e-mail .

2. I'm a captive of the radio during drive time.

3. I rarely take calls on my home phone.

4. Some days I spend a lot of time in the office at work.

You get the point.

If you're going to be a successful marketer or communicator you have to use the right media for your message. The right media is ALWAYS the media your prospects use.