Thursday, May 8, 2008

Marketing in a Connected World

My friends at Network for Good put together LOTS of great slide shows and webinars and whitepapers to help us all get better at and remember the BASICS of good marketing. I was perusing some of the presentations that they've put out in Cyberspace for FREE and slide 50 in the presentation below caught my eye.

We Are Not the Best Messengers!

Think about it. When is the last time you trusted the advice of a total stranger? When is the last time you purchased a product or service simply because you saw it advertised on TV?

We're just too skeptical and too guarded and too overwhelmed to trust the advice of just ANYONE.

Much better than to rely on the advice, suggestions, and recommendations of our friends. This is what new social technologies enable us to do.

1. Send our ideas, thoughts, content, requests out to the world via the Internet through myriad vehicles - blogs, charity widgets, search results, Facebook pages, Flikr, etc.
2. Find and connect with folks that share our passions.
3. Develop relationships (aka communities) with like-minded folks.
4. Request and take collective action.
5. Hope and pray that others will also take up the charge and then LET THEM DO IT in their own more authentic, creative, funny, smart, ever-helpful WAY.

Again, We are NOT the Best Messengers. We are just stewards of information and - if we're lucky - sources of inspiration for others. This is marketing in a "Connected World!" This is good marketing period.


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