Friday, May 30, 2008


This article by Steve Rubel, SVP at Edelman PR and author of Micro Persuasion, is "old." It was published in early 2006. But, as one of my favorite people says, "it's BIBLICAL." So I hope you'll take a look.

Here's is what MOVED me:
"Beyond the lack of confidence in the traditional sources of information lies a more fundamental change, a yearning to move beyond the simple act of consumption of information [my emphasis] to social networking. The rise of MySpace, Facebook, and Wikipedia is premised on sharing of content with a group of likeminded individuals. It is the wisdom of the crowd, with constant updating of content based on personal experience...There is sharing of content because now WE CAN [my emphasis] do it easily, quickly, and colorfully."


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steverubel said...

Actually, I didn't write it. Our CEO Richard Edelman did.