Monday, May 19, 2008

Twitter or The Times?

Leyla over at Cause X Effect blog has a nice piece about media consumption.

A self-proclaimed news junkie, Leyla reads multiple papers and scans hundreds of news feeds per day. Even so, she professes that she's just as likely to get breaking new via Twitter as The Times.

For those of you who don't know, Twitter is a technology somewhere between e-mail and blogging, which enables you to stay in touch with friends in real-time. You create a Twitter page online and do mini blogs posts during the day.

Here's what I'm thinking.

1. The media you choose to promote your cause can and should be varied. Figure out where your target audience LIVES on and offline. And then have conversations via those channels.

2. Your "audience" isn't only listening to you! They are listening and getting the news from their friends, colleagues, and trusted advisers.

In our "Connected Age," media consumption is about both WHO and HOW.


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