Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Don't Direct, Guide.

I spent the day with some great folks at Nonprofit 2.0 today. Lots of good ideas and tools to share. Here is the first of many posts.

Holly Ross, Executive Director of NTEN, a key leader in social media for nonprofits, and one of my FAVORITE presenters did the opening keynote. Here is my summary of her remarks.

1. Information is POWER and social media is EMPOWERING us all by giving us greater access to information than ever before through tools (technologies) that are CHEAP, EASY TO USE, and EVERYWHERE.

2. Because of this greater access to information (think Google Search), we don't need institutions, for or non-profit, to think for us. What we do need is help SYNTHESIZING all of the information out there and TRANSLATING it so that it we understand its' relevance to our lives.

3. As nonprofits we would do well to stop thinking of ourselves as CRUISE DIRECTORS of our CAUSE SHIPS (my silly metaphor, not Holly's) and instead start thinking of ourselves as FACILITATORS and GUIDES.

4. Being peers with those we support and serve challenges us to become better LISTENERS. Listening is HARD because we're all afraid of critique. But if we can learn to listen better and act on what we hear it will help our issues to move forward.


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