Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Girl Effect

This great video by Nike Foundation, called The Girl Effect, has been covered on Katya's Nonprofit Marketing Blog and over at GlobalGiving but I thought I'd add my 2 cents.

1) The music rocks! Consider adding music to your online work. Music engenders feelings and people connect to feelings.

2) The text rocks! Words are even more powerful when they are


Think E.E. Cummings.

3) The narrative rocks! Much has been said about using stories to "make the case." People think and remember in narrative. Consider creating a tale to tell others about what you do and why it's important!

4) The call to action falls short! This video needs a clearer, more dramatic, more creative CALL to ACTION.

Your thoughts?



alison m said...

If you start at the Girl Effect website (instead of the YouTube video), it starts off with the statement "The world is a mess." Agree or Disagree. Pushing "agree" launches into the video. But being curious, I clicked "Disagree" just to see what would happen. Eventually, you get to the video. But I thought they making it an interactive choice was clever too.

info said...

Hi Jocelyn
I haven't commented before but regularly read your blog. I'm in my late fourties, non-technical background - in fact, I only became computer literate in the late 1990's! I am now the programme manager for a Christian HIV Resource and Information Service (CARIS) based in South Africa. I mange all aspects of the website including three detailed and comprehensive online databases. This service was started in 2004 as a programme of CABSA (the Christian AIDS Bureau for Southern Africa) and has grown beyond what any of us could imagine (we had 24 000 visits to the website last month). My apologies for the long intro - but it helps to know where I come from. I have had no formal IT training and find your blog a excellent resource. I am slowly venturing into the Web 2 tools - and feel like an explorer who has seen a new world open before her!
I recently added my first videos to You Tube (as LynatCABSA, the first video is available at at I was quite interested to see how closely this video matches my thought-patterns. I am very interested in seeing how this and other social networking tools 'takes off' in Southern Africa (with has notoriously slow Internet connections.) I would also appreciate any comments and suggestions from you or other members of the community - on how to expand our networks and make our service more efficient and user friendly. I am starting to work on re-doing our website on Drupal - and would also appreciate comments and suggestions from those who have used this programme.

Jocelyn said...

Dear Lyn,

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I TRULY appreciate your feedback. And congratulations to you for JUST DIVING IN to the Web!

I DO have thoughts about your video but would like to know first what you hope to achieve via this medium.

I am NOT a programmer, so I cannot help you with Drupal. However, you may want to check out NOSI was started to "facilitate and encourage the use of free open source software in the nonprofit sector."

Warm regards,

info said...

Hi Jocelyn

We created the video for a CABSA breakfast - the main purpose was to introduce the invited guests to the work of our organisation. I also used it with a second presentation introducing CABSA. We had great feedback and had a number of requests from people that saw the video, to make it available in some way, and YouTube came to mind.
I realize that the video is probably too long for this 'market' - all other comments are very welcome!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

what is the program/software used in this video? thanks