Thursday, June 5, 2008

How Do You Live Online?

Forrester Research has created this great tool to help you understand who is online and what they are doing. Simply choose the age, geographical location and gender of the folks you want to reach and the tool will tell you HOW your stakeholders live online.

I pulled up data for total US and for the "Millenials" - age 18 - 24 and this is what jumped out at me.

1. Very few people are "Collectors," i.e. tag or organize content for others. Hmmmm?

2. Almost 50% of online adults are "Spectators," i.e. they read/watch other people's blogs and videos but don't create their own content.

3. 64% of younger folks are members of a social networking site, i.e. they LIVE online!

What do these numbers mean for your marketing/outreach?


1 comment:

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