Friday, June 20, 2008

Karen Mulhauser and GENEROSITY

I had the GREAT privilege of meeting Karen Mulhauser today. This pictures DOES NOT do her justice. Sorry, it was my cell phone's best effort!
Karen is a consultant in town (DC) who specializes in organizational development, management, and coaching for nonprofits. Her pre-consulting accomplishments include being national Executive Director of National Abortion Rights Action League and the Center for Education on Nuclear War, Citizens Against Nuclear War. She also has this "little gig" right now as a Senior Advisor for the Obama Campaign! (All I can say is that I'm glad I didn't google her before the meeting. I would have been SO intimidated!)

Here's what I liked best about Karen and why I can't wait to chat with her again. She was willing to meet with me! Seriously. What impressed me most about Karen was the value and interest that she places on mentoring other women.

GENEROSITY. It's such a good value and an important ideal. And yet, like LISTENING it doesn't always come naturally. Thank goodness for folks like Karen who model this behavior and inspire us all to GIVE more FREELY.



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