Saturday, June 7, 2008

Most Important Marketing Questions REVISED

Here is my updated list of the "Most Important Marketing Questions!" Kivi Leroux Miller at Nonprofit Communications convinced me that there are really 5 crucial questions to ask REGULARLY so that you can stay clear on your goals and stay audience focused.

Don't do ANY MARKETING for your organization without answering these questions first!

Note: Notice that 2 of the questions are about YOU - your organization, your nonprofit, your objectives and the other 3 questions are about THEM - your clients, donors, customers, partners - the folks you serve.


1. What is your quantifiable goal? What are you trying to do?

Examples: Deliver 1,000 signatures to your local school board, Raise $100,000 for your annual event, Increase the size of your e-mail list by 25 percent in 1 year.

Hint: Raising awareness is not a good goal.
2. Who are you trying to reach, i.e. who makes your goal a reality?

Examples: Individual donors, Foundation reps, Corporate leaders, Activists, Members of Congress

3. What do your "customers" need?

Examples: To get more "eyeballs" so that they can increase sales. To realize their ambitions and change the world with you. To meet other people that they need to know, i.e. NETWORK.

4. Why should they "buy" from you?

Hint: Because you are uniquely qualified to deliver what they need! See ques. 3.

5. What's the best way to reach them?

Examples: Join a board, send a hand written note, sponsor an event, send an e-mail.

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