Thursday, July 31, 2008

BookSWIM - Another Great Use of the Net

If you think all the good online ideas have already been hatched, think again!

Shamoon Siddiqui and George Book recently launched BookSWIM. It's Netflix for books!

What a great way to SHARE THE LOVE and COST of books! This is an especially great service for folks who don't live near a library.

FYI, for those parents out there, they've got some great books for kids. Check it out!


P.S. First saw this on Center for Citizen Media.


Alexandria Arnold said...

Please, also remember your local public library! Most have not only books but audiobooks on CD or tape, dvds, some have blu-ray discs, gaming station games, magazines - it's Borders, Netflix, and Bookswim all rolled into one, all free, and right in your own backyard!

Jocelyn said...

I'm with you Alexandria. I love the library.

Thanks for your comment! Jocelyn

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