Thursday, July 24, 2008

Have You Started To Blog Yet?

"The Internet is the most important medium since the printing press. It subsumes all that has come before and is, in the most fundamental way, transformative. When anyone can be a writer, in the largest sense and for a global audience, many of us will be. The Net is overturning so many of the things we’ve assumed about media and business models that we can scarcely keep up with the changes; it’s difficult to maintain perspective amid the shift from a top-down hierarchy to something vastly more democratic and, yes, messy. But we have to try, and nowhere is that more essential than in that oldest form of information: the news. We will be blessed with new kinds of perspective in this emergent system, and we will learn how to make it work for everyone.

Your voice matters. Now, if you have something worth saying, you can be heard. You can make your own news. We all can. Let’s get started."

This is an excerpt from We the Media (Hard Cover) Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People. You can buy it or download the book for FREE!

We need to hear from you? What are you waiting for?