Saturday, July 26, 2008

The ONLY Four Reasons to Market

Great advice from Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog yesterday. Simply substitute "donation" for "sales" and "donor" for "customer" and it works perfectly!

"Despite how complicated we can make it at times - the good news is - there are only four different blocks we use to build marketing programs. They are:

(1) Drive Sales

(2) Build Awareness

(3) Drive Traffic, and

(4) Build Community

Drive Sales - The core of a business... The fuel that powers the engine. You drive sales (1) through new customers spending, or (2) getting existing customers to spend more.

Build Awareness - Getting people to know about your business. We do this through advertising, publicity, word-of-mouth, etc.

Drive Traffic - Getting existing or potential customers to your business or service. Simply about getting bodies to your physical or virtual location.

Build Community - There are two sub-categories of building community:
(1) Making yourself a meaningful part of your community and, (2) Building community with and between your customers.

Great marketing strategy combines these blocks in meaningful ways.

Note: Because we've always done it this way or because the ED likes/doesn't like it, are not mentioned.



kanter said...

Do you think the same four reasons apply to using social media? :-)

Jocelyn said...

Hey Beth!
Yes! I think the reasons you market are the same regardless of the vehicles you use. That said, I think you have to take a different cultural approach when marketing with social media, like blogs, wikis, Facebook, etc. You have to be genuinely interested in having dialogues with folks instead of just pitching. You have to "be real," i.e. talk like a person, rather than an organization and you have to be willing to believe that your members, donors, clients, even strangers know more than you!

what do you think?


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