Saturday, August 30, 2008

Me and Debbie Weil

One of the GREAT things about social media is that being part of the conversation enables you to CONNECT on and offline with cool people far and wide. For example, earlier this month I had coffee with Avi Kaplan, recent college grad and new social media evangelist and yesterday I had lunch with Debbie Weil.
Debbie, of The Coporate Blogging Book fame, is a GREAT resource for understanding the historical and cultural complexity of the blogosphere. (She's been blogging since 2003!) She's also a wealth of knowledge on how the "big guys" - like Hewlett Packard, Lilly, and Marriott - do or don't do it well. But what I like most about her is her curiosity and interest in talking about what's next.

This meeting served as ANOTHER reminder for me of what's best about being online. Meeting and connecting with like-minded souls who share a passion for LEARNING, CREATIVITY, and CONNECTION.


debbieweil said...


It was a thrill to meet you as well. And how fun that we're both in D.C. Lots more happening here in the social media space than most folks realize... whether it's corporate or non-profit.

Letitia said...

Looks like you are meeting with some great folks.
Wow it is wild how you find other in this new media the blog. and there I see your smiling face Jocelyn! Drop me a note or email.
Letitia Baldwin