Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Top 7 Tips for Building Your E-mail List + 1

I was VERY HAPPY to help brainstorm this list of Top 7 Tips for Building Your E-mail List with Katya Andresen at Network for Good and Alia McKee at SeaChange Strategies. Check it out!

Here's the +1. Once you've got your e-list together, keep it up-to-date with regular e-mail appends. E-mail appending is "the process of adding a consumer's (donor's) email address to that consumer's (donor's) record. The email address is obtained by matching those records from the marketer's database against a third-party database to produce a corresponding email address."

Why e-mail append? Because your donor's e-mail addresses CHANGE REGULARLY!

To learn more, read "E-mail Appends: The Good, the Bad, and the Realistic," by Catherine Algeri.



Full disclosure: I work for Triplex, an InfoUSA Group company. We sell e-mail marketing and list management services - including e-mail appends - to nonprofits.


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