Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blogging as the Best Marketing Tool Ever

According to this short video by Debbie Weil, featuring Tom Peters. Yes, that Tom Peters, the branding, marketing, management expert. Blogging is the BEST marketing tool ever!



1. Blogging engenders conversations and that's all economics is - conversations between buyers and sellers.
2. Blogging is the best forum for quickly generating, sharing, distilling, debating, and refining ideas.
3. Blogging makes it easy to building relationships with people all over the world. Thus, blogging makes it possible to access and incorporate many different perspectives.
4. Blogging promotes the best type of communication. Talk that is HONEST, OPEN, and INTERESTING!

BTW, think about buying a Flip (or 2) for your nonprofit. It's a portable camcorder. You can take it with you and capture cool conversations like this at conferences. You can also give it to your members/clients/supporters and ask them to document and share their stories with you.



debbieweil said...


Thanks for re-posting this. It was a kick to interview Tom Peters. Re the Flip camera, I'm a huge proponent. I have no video skills (as you can see) but a one-minute interview can be really effective. Also, it's really easy to get *anybody* to agree to a 60 sec interview... as opposed to "can I sit down with you for half an hour."

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