Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Earth Day for the Web


Next Monday, September 22nd is the third annual One Web Day. Similar in spirit to Earth Day, the goal of this on- and offline, international, 1-day event is to CELEBRATE the power of the Web, protect it from censorship, and promote greater access to the medium.

According to the OneWebDay site, the chief goal this year is "to encourage people to make their own short videos and post them on or YouTube tagged "onewebday2008". Suggested topics:
  • how the web has changed your life;
  • how you'd like the web to change the world in the future;
  • highlights of what you've seen online the day you make the video;
  • your favorite online event ever; and
  • something you've done online with other people in other countries."
Check out the short video in the side bar of the home page to learn more!




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