Monday, September 29, 2008

My Space and PayPal Help Nonprofits "Flip the (Marketing) Funnel"

MySpace and PayPal are 1 week into a contest to encourage more people to become fundraisers for their favorite causes. This specifics of the contest are here.

More interesting than the prizes is that fact that this contest, similar to last year's America's Giving Challenge, reminds us to STOP viewing our best members/donors/advocates as individual advocates and instead START thinking of them as powerful FUNDRAISERS in their own right.

Seth Godin, marketing guru, calls this "Flipping the (Marketing) Funnel." He elaborates on this KEY marketing concept in this FREE paper.

Consider giving the folks who love you most the tools they need - like the MySpace and PayPal widget - to share your cause with their friends. Ask them to "spread the love" for you!



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