Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why Blog?

If you're still on the "maybe I should blog" fence, or worse, if you're in denial about the staying power of blogs as an important channel for communicating with your constituents, take a peak at these recent research results from Technorati.

The majority of corporate and professional bloggers have seen a positive impact as a result of their blog.

  • 50% are better known in their industry
  • 25% have used their blog as a resume enhancement.
  • Less than 10% have seen a negative impact from blogging
  • 33% have yet to see an impact.
Blogging has brought many unique opportunities to these bloggers that otherwise would not have been available.
  • 25% have been invited to participate in an event as a result of their blog
  • 20% have contributed to a print publication as a result of their blog
  • Almost 20% have found themselves on TV and/or on the radio
This is a POWERFUL medium and although it will suck up your time - like anything worth doing well - blogging can provide tremendous benefits to you both professionally and personally.

Yes, you should just dive in!



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