Sunday, October 12, 2008

Learn from Andy Sernovitz

Andy Sernovitz is my newest, favoritist blogger. He wrote Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking and blogs at Damn! I Wish I'd Thought of That Unusually Useful Ideas for Smart Marketers.

Here's is why I'm hooked.

1) He's got a very engaging style. I feel like he's talking to me directly.

2) He's got a great sense of design. Check out his cartoon characters! They're different and fun.

3) He gives away good stuff for FREE! Check out his manifesto.

3) He's got the chutzpah to hand out homework!

Read this FREE primer on his book, then translate his ideas into better marketing for your nonprofit. Here's a start.

1. Start a blog. (I know, I'm a broken record.) At minimum, start updating your website REGULARLY. Aim to be accessible, friendly and familiar.

2. Invest in a beautiful website/blog design. Good design is SO important and so often overlooked which is a shame because it doesn't have to break the bank but it can make or break your site. Andy Goodman's course will give you a head start.

3. Give away something for FREE. Offer your research report for download. Invite your members to an online chat with your ED. Better yet, get your donors together so that they can talk to EACH OTHER.

4. Give homework! Create a contest to get folks to answer the Top 5 questions about your cause. Raffle off a prize or send a bumper sticker to anyone who gets it wrong or right.

People want to do good AND they also want to have fun online. Take a note from Andy Sernovitz and get your audience hooked!



Andy Sernovitz said...

Thanks, Jocelyn!

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