Friday, November 14, 2008

How Do You Shop and Learn?

If you get a chance watch the first 4 minutes of this video.

Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSPOT, a new company which is helping small and medium-sized business marketers (that means you!) adapt to consumers new purchasing patterns, asks a great question, "How do you shop and learn?"

When you're researching a product, service or charity, do you...
  • Haul out the yellow pages
  • Email a friend
  • "Google it"
Halligan asserts (and I think he's right) that most marketers miss the market because they're still using old-school tactics like advertising, telemarketing and trade shows to get out the word and these tactics DON'T FIT the way that prospective buyers (in our case - donors) actually learn.

Take a minute to today to think carefully about how you shop and learn? If you're anything like the folks you're trying to reach you may want to rethink the marketing tools you use.


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