Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Still Thinking About Social Networking

Came across this interesting article yesterday in the WSJ online. RapLeaf a company which we partner with at Triplex Interactive, took a look at where voters "live online" by state. Here is what they found.

"In Iowa, there is a high usage of social-networking sites by people under the age of 25, and low usage among those 25 and older. Iowans are all over Facebook and a site called MyYearbook, but tend not to use other sites. It’s a different story in Wisconsin, however. While the social-networking crowds there are also young, they favor a site called Bebo."
To learn more about the social networking sites were/are used by voters in other states, read the article. To learn more about where your donors/members/volunteers, etc live online, send me an email!


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