Monday, February 23, 2009

Is Marketing Evil?

This picture is by Yo.

Here is an excerpt from a great post from Seth Godin of Permission Marketing, Purple Cow and All Marketers are Liars fame. (I found it via Shayna Englin on Twitter.)

I agree with Seth that it's evil to use marketing
" persuade kids to start smoking, to cynically manipulate the electoral or political process, to lie to people in ways that cause disastrous side effects. (However - my addition), marketing is beautiful when it persuades people to get a polio vaccine or wash their hands before doing surgery.

Just like every powerful tool, the impact comes from the craftsman, not the tool.

Marketing has more reach, with more speed, than it has ever had before. With less money, you can have more impact than anyone could have imagined just ten years ago. The what are you going to do with that impact?"

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