Monday, March 30, 2009

Social Media 101 for the Arts

Here is the presentation I gave yesterday to a neat group of arts students at American University. Check it out!

A caveat: I stole the "how do you shop and learn" exercise from Hubspot. The social media bandwagon photo in the preso is by MattHamm via Flickr.

My takeaways:

1) Arts orgs seem to be insulated from the broader tech community. As Erica Bonderav, formerly of Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, put it. "We don't get out much, we like to attend our own conferences and sometimes it feels like we're talking to ourselves."

2) Arts orgs have killer content. (I know all you social service orgs out there are jealous!) All they do all day long is create content - music, poetry, dance, etc. - which can easily be re-purposed via the social web.

3) Successful marketing is the lifeblood of these orgs and some of them know it. No awareness, no web visitors, no ticket purchases. Period.


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