Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still Skeptical About Social Media? Watch CARE's Campaign in Action!

CARE is running a Tweet-a-Thon - a fundraising contest via Twitter. It started on March 2 and will end on March 5.

Here's the skinny...

All you have to do is Tweet (Twitter's word for post) this phrase #apowerfulnoise before March 5 and NCF Fathom will donate 50 cents per tweet up to 10,000 tweets to CARE. (Quick math - that's $5,000!)


CARE is so smart because not only are they raising money to fund their mission to raise women out of poverty, they are also connecting with 10,000 people who can continue to be evangelists for their cause. When is the last time you got 10,000 donors together to learn more about your mission?

I'm excited to watch this event unfold. Tune in to my blog on Friday or tune into Twitter #apowerfulnoise to see the results.


P.S. Never heard of/not on Twitter yet? Watch this great video from the folks at Common Craft to learn more about this powerful tool and then set up your own FREE account here.

1 comment:

Adam said...

This is a great campaign from CARE! Very exciting to see CARE using social media to increase online awareness for their cause. As you mentioned, this will certainly bring together evangelists for their cause.

Hope they get 10,000 tweets!