Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Make Your Marketing More Soulful

Mission statement: Homes, Health and Hope for Children in Need

Vision statement: "As a faith-based organization, every project we do has a goal of giving needed physical, medical and humanitarian help to orphans at risk and in need, with the ultimate purpose of bringing spiritual life and accompanying hope, faith, strength and direction to all those who are served." (Executive Director Dwyatt Gantt)

Part of the attraction of blogging, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, etc., etc. is that they are spurring a new kind of content. Content that is not slick and lifeless and full of spin but rather content that has life and spirit and gives voice and meaning to the issues people care about.

For example, contrast the two approaches above and I think you'll see what I mean. The first organization - World Vision - uses a wonderful image of an older woman as a metaphor to describe their "vision" of a new world. It also invites a response from me the viewer by asking me to sign up for the e-news.

The second organization - Children's Hope International - leads with a mission and vision statement in plain text to describe what they do. Note that there is no call to action or opportunity for me to engage immediately.

I don't know anything about the work of Children's Hope International and I'm taking license to use them as a straw man but I hope you get my point. Leading with your mission and vision alone is less impactful than using images and stories to share your ideas.

Good writing is about SHOWING, not TELLING. It's also about sharing information that is authentic and real.

Being part of the Connected Age is about more than using the shiniest new tools. It's also about bringing issues, communities and yourself to life. The next time you write copy, create video, or add images to your website, blog or Facebook profile be sure to add soul to the mix by:
  • Sharing human stories;
  • Asking compelling questions;
  • Illustrating your passion for your cause; and
  • Using humor (if appropriate)!
By making your marketing more soulful, you will connect with more people. You'll also connect yourself to you.



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