Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Distributed Marketing the Key to Your Fundraising Success

Check out my new column in the May edition of Fundraising Success magazine.
  • Are you pushing your content out via the Web?
  • Are you helping your stakeholders help you by giving them interesting content to spread?
  • Are you taking advantage of YouTube and Facebook and other heavily trafficked sites and using these platforms to share information about your cause?
If not, why not?


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How do you distribute a product (ex.phones, in the millions) to stores?
Like for example, I create a company that makes phones and I want to put them in the market (lets say 1 million phones). How would I go about doing that: do I sell it to a distributor?, or do I contact different stores personally and ask if they want to buy my product?. And then, do I send the product to each store individually, or for big companies to one location?