Thursday, May 14, 2009

Email is Still a Killer App

NTEN and M+R Strategic Services released the eNonprofit Benchmark Survey today and confirmed what many of us already knew - when it comes to raising money, staying in touch and doing advocacy online email is still a killer app!

You should check out the full survey which can be downloaded for FREE! It's chock full of good stats which you can use as a benchmark for your own online program. For example, if you are wondering how your open and click thru rates stack up, this study will provide a clear point of comparison. You'll also hear how specific nonprofits are integrating text and video into their online campaigns via a few interesting case studies.

Here are some findings which jumped out at me.
  • Online fundraising is up 26% but average donations are down.

  • 3% of all online gifts came from what you could call major donors - folks who gave $250 or more - but these donors account for nearly 40% of all money raised.

  • Small donations ($50 or less), while they make up a smaller percentation of total revenue (20%) grew by 10%. What this means for you. Keep an eye on both taking care of your major donors and bringing more small-dollar donors onto your online file.

  • Email lists continue to "churn" at about a 20% annually. In other words, 20% of email addresses go bad each year. This means that you've got to keep an eye on building your subscriber list. For 10 tips on how to build your email list, go here.



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