Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let's Talk Taglines

My new frolleauge (friend and colleague) Nancy Schwartz, keeper of Getting Attention: Helping Nonprofits Succeed Through Effective Marketing just launched the 2009 Tagline Awards. Submissions are due July 31, 2009.

"Taglines?" you say.
"Yes! Because great taglines are a key ingredient in any messaging platform."

Think about it...

"Just do it!"

"Got milk?"

"Good to the last drop."

Amazing right? You just have to say a few words and all sorts of emotions and associations jump to mind.

"But these are taglines for consumer goods. Do nonprofits really need taglines too?"


According to Nancy (and I agree),

"A strong tagline does double-duty -- working to extend your organization's name and mission, while delivering a focused, memorable and repeatable message to your base. It's one of your most effective marketing tools. (Unfortunately) the 2008 survey
showed that 72% of nonprofit organizations don't have a tagline or rate theirs as performing poorly.

Nancy's trying to change this sad state by highlighting the best nonprofit taglines around and giving the winners lots of FREE PR!

So, why wait? Learn more or enter your nonprofit tagline now. You can also download last year's report here for FREE!


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