Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Don't Kvetch About Your Coverage. Use the News to Get More Ink!

You may not like the news. In fact, if you're a "good progressive" (you know who you are) you probably abhor the way MSM (mainstream media) chases the money-stories, hops from one story to the next, ignores real world events like human rights violations in IRAN and capitalizes on our prurient interests.

Sorry and tough!

Rather than lament a news cycle that will never give you the real estate you deserve, join 'em! Yes, stop kvetching about your coverage and use the news to promote your cause.

Sierra Club has done an excellent job here of using the "news" of the day - the scandal surrounding Gov. Sanford's infidelity to promote the Appalachian Trail. (See above and below.)

Sound like a stretch? It is! But it also works and it's sticky.


P.S. The only thing I don't like about this appeal is the postscript. It's not necessary. It makes Sierra Club sound pretentious instead of humorous. Besides, I can make this inference on my own.

Dear Friend,

We heard the governor of South Carolina had some trouble finding the Appalachian Trail last week. We don't want that to happen to anyone else, so now's a perfect time to let you know about our new online community: Sierra Club Trails.

Members of the community are adding trails from around the country, sharing spectacular photos, and discussing topics such as whether guns should be allowed
in our national parks.

But so far only two sections of the Appalachian Trail have been added by our members. No wonder the governor got lost!

If you've hiked the Appalachian Trail, join the Sierra Club Trails community and add a stretch or two. Share your photos of the trail, too!

If you haven't hiked that trail but have other favorites, we'd love you to share them on Trails as well.

Just click the "join" link at the top of the Trails homepage and you'll be on your way!

Thanks for all that you do to protect the environment.

Greg Haegele
Deputy Executive Director, Sierra Club

P.S. -- Don't forget your (moral) compass...


Kivi Leroux Miller said...

I think the PS is just snarky. And since the Sierra Club is really a political organization (they are NOT a 501(c)(3)), I think the snark works! Love this example - thanks for sharing.

Jocelyn said...

Of course you like snarky. That's your voice too! :) Not me. I can be such a prude.


Luise said...

Great example! I think this can also be applied when you're trying to 'tag' onto coverage that larger organizations get - just don't forget to give them credit for it!

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