Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An Ode to Blogs

Talk about blogs and the power of blogging has been eclipsed by conversations about newer and shinier tools like Twitter and Facebook. But I agree with Brian Clark, Author of Copyblogger, that blogs can play a key role in marketing communications, especially for groups without access to MSM (mainstream media).
"Blogs are simply the best way to publish new media content. And social media news and networking sites are the ways that content gets exposure. It’s not money and geography that determines if your content spreads… it just has to be deemed good enough to be shared by regular people.

...the fascinating part of social media to me is not just the social networking. It’s the fact that anyone willing to put in the work can become a media producer/personality without speaking a word to anyone in the existing media power centers of Los Angeles, New York, et al."
For nonprofits and small businesses, i.e. folks with limited access to the powers that be, blogging opens up a tremendous opportunity to be part of the global conversation. On a personal note, this is what inspired me to start blogging - a desire to share my point of view on issues I care about. And, I've been very lucky to reap the rewards - speaking opportunities, a bi-monthly magazine column, an enhanced reputation in my industry, etc.

Of course, the catch is you have to be good.
  • You have to know how to write and create compelling content.
  • You have to enjoy creating relationships with other bloggers in your space.
  • You have to be a person who can give and receive.
  • You have to be patient.
  • You have to be vulnerable. This may be the hardest part. Unlike writing for traditional media where you can maintain an aloof and "objective" writing style; blogging requires that you share your unique personality and point of view with an audience and this can be scary.
If this sounds like an ode to blogs, it is! Blogging has changed my life and a la Stephen Colbert - I am a blogger and SO CAN YOU!


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