Wednesday, September 9, 2009

FREE Social Media Training Starts Thursday!

The Case Foundation has put together a great lineup of free tutorials on all things social media for nonprofits. The program, called Gear Up for Giving, starts Thursday, Sept. 10th. See the video above for an overview of the program.

Speakers include:
No registration is required.

Gear Up for Giving is the precursor to the second America's Giving Challenge and aims to get nonprofits ready for entry into this fall's online fundraising contest. (You may remember that the Case Foundation ran a similar contest in Dec. 2007. ) Interested in learning more about the inaugural America's Giving Challenge? Read the Assessment and Reflection Report by Beth Kanter and Allison Fine.

FYI, you don't have to enter the Giving Challenge to attend the tutorials so be sure to check them out. Finally, in addition to the tutorials, Gear Up for Giving has archived some of the best social media resources on their site, including the fantastic videos by Common Craft which explain Twitter, Blogging and other social media tools "in plain English."

Good luck and happy learning!

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Kari Saratovsky said...

Jocelyn, you're the best - thanks so much for the nod to the Case Foundation's "Gear Up for Giving" we were thrilled to kick things off today with Geoff Livingston.

In case your readers missed it, the video from today is up on and you can tune in every Tuesday and Thursday for more great social media dialogue geared specifically toward nonprofits.