Friday, September 11, 2009

Is Facebook the New Phonebook?

The Yellow Pages landed on our doorstep last week and sat there for a couple of days. Both my husband and I feel guilty about tossing out ALL THAT PAPER. (At least, that's my excuse for not recycling it.) On the other hand neither of us wants to bring it inside because what's the point? I don't know about you but I haven't opened a phone book, specifically the Yellow Pages, in years. Instead, when I want to find a business I look it up via this service called (you may have heard of it) Google.

It's the same when I want to connect with people I don't know. But in the case of individuals, instead of the White Pages, I use Facebook and Linkedin.

This has me thinking, is Facebook the new phonebook?

I mean, with 200 million + members, is Facebook quickly becoming our collective resource for research on new friends, family and colleagues? And what about businesses? Will there come a day when all searching for businesses is done online?

Finally, and maybe most important of all, what will happen to the people and organizations who aren't on Facebook? Will they invisible?


P.S. My friend Evan Parker from The Nature Conservancy (I've been talking a lot about him lately) is the one who seeded this idea that Facebook is now the new phonebook. You can see more re: what he thinks here.

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