Thursday, October 1, 2009

Apply Today to Think With Seth Godin

Seth Godin is offering his time and talent to 40 nonprofit marketers, fundraisers and "change agents" for FREE on Oct 22 in NYC
"The goal is to help you think through ways you can use new marketing, storytelling, fundraising, permission, social media and more. It really is free, and nothing is going to be sold or pitched. The goal is simple: To help your organization to be more successful."
Don't know Seth Godin?  You should.  He's a great thinker on all things marketing. (He's written over 10 books on the subject.) And he writes a hugely popular and highly respected blog. 

Need help thinking about your fundraising strategy or how to build a real, live, viable community of people who care about your cause?  Act now!  Deadline to apply is Oct. 5.


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