Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Fine (Yet Simple) Art of Saying "Thank You"

Here is my November column in Fundraising Success. Enjoy!

BTW, thank you, dear reader for being here and reading my blog. :)

It's a familiar scene. I'm in line at the grocery store. A young girl and her mother are ahead of me. The girl is poking at the food items on the conveyor belt, running her hand up and down the gray metal. In an effort to distract her, the clerk compliments the young girl on her dress. Embarrassed and surprised by the clerk's attention, the young girl slips behind her mother. Almost as if by rote, the mother pipes up in a syrupy-sweet voice. She asks, "What do you say?" The girl, now hiding from the clerk's view, peeks out from behind her mother's leg and whispers, "Thank you."

Thank you — two simple, familiar and important words that have been etched
into us since birth. As fundraisers, we all know that saying them is a core part
of any successful program. But not all thank-yous are created equal. Here are
some suggestions for making yours 
stand out. Continue reading...


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